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Ventures For Small Business Owners

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Over the last few years I have watched Jayne (owner of Sister Sage Herbs) be mentored by the great folks at Ventures. (Formally Washington Cash) Ventures is a non-profit team of business coaches (of all kinds) who help support small businesses here in Washington state. I can't recommend them highly enough. There have been countless times when both Jayne and I could not solve business problems. I'd say "ask your business coach." After Jayne's weekly business meeting, she'd would come back from Ventures with solid answers and we were able to move forward. Seriously, I am not sure what we'd do without these folks. If you know anyone who wants to start a small business, but doesn't have the resources to make it happen, Ventures is a great place to start. 

Big Thanks...Jayne, Marc, Eddie, Ayla, Kim, Thalia

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