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That's owner Jayne Simmons at The Seattle Gift Show!

Howdy Folks, We just finished our first ever Seattle Gift Show. If you have never been to this event, think of any gift store you have been in. Now multiply that by 5,000. That's the Seattle Gift Show. We met lots of interesting people, and connected with lots of small business owners like us, and a few who have built huge businesses who were happy to share their wisdom of how they sold and marketed their products over the years. This was a learning experience to say the least. One thing that keeps coming up is how many people tell me "Oh yeah, I started my business out of a tiny bedroom in my house or in a small apartment." Maybe that's no surprise, as you have to start from somewhere. Just once I want to hear someone say "I won 20 grand playing craps at the Sands Hotel grand back in 1971. I took the money and invested in my natural remedies company, and I built this multi million dollar business." I guess that is a long shot, but the world is full of curious people. Special thanks to Ventures and our friend Juanita at Sweet Mama Brown's BBQ Sauce! 

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