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Happy Spring Stinging Nettles Harvest!

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I can’t believe the NETTLES are already up! We have been clearing pathways and mending fences this week and we came across these forces of nature bursting from the soil! They are coming up right along with Cleavers, another great tonic herb that is commonly found in gardens. Look how vibrant they are…

I love to eat nettles when they are this small: Blanch them quickly & drain, and then cut the leaves away from the stem & cut the nettle leaves into smaller pieces. Saute them with leeks, garlic, olive oil and a pinch of salt or add it to a soup.

The sunshine is heating up this week and I intend to use the drying shed on the farm to dry some of the first nettle leaves of the season! We use the dried leaves in our Spring Zing Formula.

In my own garden, I love when the Winter flowers open up in the freezing weather, and are sometimes the only thing for a bee to feed on for those rare days when the temp is warm enough to come out for a drink… I have both White and Dark Pink Freckled Hellebores, and also my Daphnie flowers are SO Sooo Fragrant right now as they start to bloom. The Willow tree at the bottom of the hill is starting to turn yellow with new leaf growth. Even the wild roses and cherry trees are starting to bud!

It is still very cold for the most part, but this weekend is going to be warm enough to get out in the garden and remind me that Spring is on it’s way!

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