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Celebrate National Herb Day with these Great Herbs

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Happy National Herb Day! 

Here are a few herbs to get you started on appreciating herbs. Whether you grow them, sit with them, or sip them.... these herbs are gentle, yet effective herbs to drink as Tea. We grow them for at Sister Sage Herb farm on Vashon Island, (in the Salish Sea) Washington.

Chamomile Flowers @ Sister Sage Herb FarmChamomile is one of those plants that keep on giving! As long as you start picking the flowers as soon as they come out, the plant will bush out and provide lots of flowers over and over again through it’s growing season. When you finally decide to quit picking, it will go to seed, so you will have a chance to have it again the next year!

Calendula is another easy to grow herb and is great to have around for so many reasons. First and foremost is its sun catching flower heads- either bright yellow or orange, but those flowers go to seed fast, too. If you pick them every 3-4 days before they form seed-heads, they will keep going all the calendar year…. That’s how they got their name!

Yellow Calendula Flower ar Sister Sage Herb Farm

Catnip is Springing Up All Over! @Sister Sage Herb Farm

Catnip is NOT just for cats! I knew I would have it coming up everywhere when I let those last plants go to seed last year…. Let’s just say the crew at the farm has been transplanting the wayward seedlings that have popped up in between rows we are about to till at the farm! There is a cat in my neighborhood that is totally addicted to my nip! They seem to go crazy right from the smell of it! But for humans the result is that we calm our nervous system down and relax. It has an antispasmodic effect on muscles. It is pretty easy to grow, but you have to protect it from the over grazing of cats (or plant a few).

Go Out and enjoy nature in whatever way you can! Heck, a dollop of nice Pesto or a Mojito on ice counts!

According to HerbDay.org:

HerbDay is always on the first Saturday in May! The HerbDay Coalition consists of the American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, the American Herbal Products Association, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and the American Herbalists Guild. 

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