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A Personal Story...

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Hi Folks, I thought I'd share a personal story with you today. I hope you enjoy it....Marc from Sister Sage Herbs

Five years ago today I stood at the end of my PCT journey a SECOND time with Andy "Astro" Lyon. Andy completed the PCT while battling cancer, and sadly passed away not even a year later. Today I want to share a very personal message with you. First, Andy was the smartest person I have ever known. He was a Fulbright scholar studying Astro/Physics at UC Berkley. You see, people like Andy entrenched in academia generally do NOT take six months off to go hiking. They are studying to be a physicist or a doctor, or maybe both! But, Andy wanted to bring great meaning to the last year of his life. He didn't want to be in a hospital. So here's what you need to know today. 1. Don't put off your dreams/goals. If life or something stands in your way, MAKE A PLAN. The plan can be as fun as the dream/goal. 2. Do whatever you can to fight cancer. In a complex world, we can not afford to lose brilliant minds like Andy's. I think it's important to keep telling this story and honoring his memory. Live now!

Love, Marc "Gourmet" PCT Class of 2012 & Team Astro PNT 2015

To learn more check out: https://backpacker.com/stories/gone-hiking-astro-pct-hike

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