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Allergy Relief!

It's that time of year again...You know, when you start sneezing and you are not quite sure if you are sick or if its allergies? Introducing our new tincture: Spring Zing! Made with nettles carefully harvested on Vashon Island. The stinging nettle has all kinds of beneficial medicinal qualities. Spring Zing is available at Pike [...]

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Happy Earth Day!

The mountains, I become a part of it…The herbs, the fir tree, I become a part of it.The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters,I become a part of it.The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen…I become a part of it. - Navajo Chant

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Nettles Tincture

The Nettles Tincture is Ready!! We are going to call it Spring Zing! It is a great natural energy boost of vitamins and minerals. I used blanched nettles as well as dried nettle leaf in this formula and the shade of green is just amazing! Nettles Update:This is the other jar a few weeks into the tincture: So [...]

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Here's To Spring! No Foolin'

The Birds are chirping super early these days, our Pear tree has bloomed, and the bees are pollinating non-stop these days! I say, It's time for Spring!!!Check out this fun video from 1936

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Stinging Nettles Season!

Jayne went to Vashon today to collect stinging nettles. Be careful when harvesting. Wear gloves and a long shirt. They do sting. The health benefits of nettles are extensive. They are great for allergies. You can make a tea out of them. The nettles tea is packed full of vitamins. I found four huge bags [...]

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Cottonwood Buds

The cottonwood is a tall woody tree that is a non native of the Northwest. I have a new found love for a tree that gives me fits during allergy season. You see in the early spring the tree forms buds which are filled with sticky resin which has an amazing smell. My friend says [...]

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Our Booth At Pike Place Market

Hi Folks, Hope your week is treating you well. We finally got a nice photo of Jayne and her brother Eddie down at Pike Place Market. Here's what our stand looks like! We are located on the left side (west) just 50 yards north of the giant Pig statue and the guys who throw the fish. [...]

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Sister Sage Farm Visit

Jayne and I enjoyed a lovely day on Vashon Island visiting friends and touring the farm. We have big plans for springtime growing season. Enjoy a few lovely photos from another glorious sunny day here in California. Just kidding...

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Lovely Photos From Pike Place Market

Here are a few photos taken at Pike Place Market just a few days ago...Hope you have a great weekend! 

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US Made Products Sells To China! Huh?

Last week something happened that seems almost impossible in this day and age. First of all remember when we used to make things in America? I don't. Not really. So many products are made overseas. Just ask someone from Flint, Michigan. However, here's a tiny paradigm shift for you: Jayne got her first order from [...]

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