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Wild Arnica!

Last week while hiking just off of Mountain Loop Highway, I spotted some wild arnica. Most of it is about done for the season, but there's a few stragglers. Sometimes the little yellow flowers seem to blend in with the surrounding area, but the patch on the lower right was a giveaway. If you look [...]

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Sister Sage Herbs Gets A Warehouse!

Howdy folks,In case you missed our newsletter and or Facebook posts, it's true. This October we are moving into a small warehouse space to make and store our products. We are excited to be part of Cloverdale Business Park which is on the west part of the Southpark neighborhood here in Seattle. If you know [...]

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Wild Places Around The Farm

Howdy Folks,Just this weekend an old friend of mine was in town visiting with his 9 year old kid. We showed them the farm and then wandered off on a tiny unmarked trail south of the farm which put us in the middle of a field that has been neglected for years. You can tell [...]

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Best Commute Ever

One of our mantras is "We have the nicest commute in the world."  If you happen to be visiting Seattle, it's kind of tough to get a feel for the city because of all the hills in the midst of what I call this place: Water World. It took me forever to distinguish the difference [...]

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Self Heal at Sister Sage Farm

Our Prunella (or Self Heal) is looking beautiful on the farm. We use this herb in our Cough It Up tincture. Self Heal is in the mint family and is commonly used in herbal medicine for lots of ailments. I bet most folks here in the Northwest mistake it for a common garden weed. I [...]

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Vashon Island Farm Deer

Here's a cute family of deer right outside the fence to Sister Sage Farm. It is very important that we keep the deer out of the farm area. They can do quite a lot of damage to crops. Still, they are such beautiful animals. I managed to take a quick photo before they jumped into [...]

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Farm Boarding

The term farm boarding sounds funny, but it isn't true. One of the things that I enjoy when I am not working is snowboarding. July 3rd several of us drove to Mt. Rainier to do what any normal farmer does on their day off during summer....Snowboarding in the park! Here are some photos..

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Sister Sage Featured Farmer At Pike Place Market!

Check this out....(Visit: Pike Place Market on Facebook)

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Farm To Market Hustle

 These last two weeks have been lots of work both on Sister Sage Farm and big push to make product for our booth at Pike Place Market.  But speaking of the farm....The farm just expanded almost an acre just west of our current plot. These last two weeks have seen a major clean up of [...]

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Farming Season!

Howdy Folks! It's the middle of June and we are right in the middle of the busiest weeks of the season. Sister Sage Farm on Vashon, Island is blooming with all kinds of herbs including oats, calendula, and chamomile. We have been out there all week harvesting herbs, and doing some planning on expansion of our [...]

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