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Celebrate National Herb Day with these Great Herbs

Happy National Herb Day! Here are a few herbs to get you started on appreciating herbs. Whether you grow them, sit with them, or sip them.... these herbs are gentle, yet effective herbs to drink as Tea. We grow them for at Sister Sage Herb farm on Vashon Island, (in the Salish Sea) Washington.Chamomile is one [...]

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Arrowleaf Balsamroot hillside!

The Columbia Gorge that separates Oregon and Washington is one of our very favorite places in the northwest. The giant river with waterfalls everywhere, great hiking, and petroglyphs. (if you are lucky) Indigenous tribes have lived in that area for over 10,000 years. I am currently reading a book on early naturalist David Douglas who [...]

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Warehouse & Sun!

We finally got some sun here in the midst of weeks of rain, so I opened the warehouse door so you can actually see where we make our products. We have been super busy making products and getting ready for our busy season at Pike Place Market. Jayne has been spending lots of time getting the [...]

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Spring Rhubarb!

Just look at this rhubarb from Sister Sage Farm! Jayne sent me this photo the other day, and I wasn't even sure what kind of plant is was. Rhubarb is part of the buckwheat family and can be used in all kinds of recipes. The stalks are also rich in vitamin C, K, and also [...]

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Ventures For Small Business Owners

Over the last few years I have watched Jayne (owner of Sister Sage Herbs) be mentored by the great folks at Ventures. (Formally Washington Cash) Ventures is a non-profit team of business coaches (of all kinds) who help support small businesses here in Washington state. I can't recommend them highly enough. There have been countless times when [...]

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Venture's "Shark Tank" Night

Last week Jayne and I attended an event sponsored by Ventures (which is a non-profit that helps small businesses) Jayne has been with Ventures for years, and they have really helped grow her business. We cannot thank them enough...But back to pitch night. InnoVentures small business pitch contest was held at Optimism Brewery and There were [...]

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Sister Sage Herbs Farm From The Air!

Here's a fun photo I took a few years back when we used to fly airplanes. Wheeee....

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King County Farmer

That's owner Jayne Simmons at The Seattle Gift Show!Howdy Folks, We just finished our first ever Seattle Gift Show. If you have never been to this event, think of any gift store you have been in. Now multiply that by 5,000. That's the Seattle Gift Show. We met lots of interesting people, and connected with lots [...]

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Seattle Gift Show!

That's owner Jayne Simmons and Edward at the Seattle Gift Show! If you are here, make sure and stop by and say hi! We are trying to make the jump to light speed. Wholesale! Wish us luck...

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Balsam Of The Prairie

About a month ago after Jayne got back from a conference she showed me some different products, but my favorite one was Balsam Of The Prairie. The balm itself is a mix of botanical herbs and oils. I promise you this is one of the nicest and most complex scents you have ever experienced. It [...]

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