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Carnivorous Plant Video

Jayne just filmed this in our house.....Check out this short video.

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4 Herbs for Anxiety and Stress

I have been growing these herbs for abut 12 years now, and I have gotten to know the herbs as plants in their habitat. Most of the ones I will mention are also pretty easy to grow (at least in Seattle). Here are 4 herbs to start with. Motherwort grew so well this year from seeds I [...]

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Cottonwood Tree & Buds

Hi folks, here's a video I made a while back of the cottonwood tree and buds used to make our Mr. Sage Beard Balm. Check it out...

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Red Clover at Sister Sage Farm

Here's a quick 30 second video of our farm on Vashon Island, Washington. Have a look at the beautiful red clover. It's not only a great cover crop, but has lots of medicinal qualities as well. Happy summer! 

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I Sell Fear! Grimm Bros

This is our friend, neighbor, and former employee of Sister Sage Herbs.... Antonio Lovette. He's sells fear in a bottle. You may have seen Antonio down at Pike Place Market working for many different vendors/stores over the last decade. No longer. Antonio is rolling out a complete line of his own Grimm Bros hot sauces and [...]

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Wiggle Wire For Green Houses

Here's a 30 second video on how to install wiggle wire on your green house. It really helps keep the plastic secure, in fact I think Jayne is going to upgrade for Sister Sage Farm. Thanks for checking in...

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Learn 3 Herbs in 30 Seconds!

Learn these three herbs right now and enjoy a short peek at Sister Sage Farm! 

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Garden Sage!

Here's Jayne showing some fresh garden sage...Happy spring!

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Santa Cruz, California ahhhhh.....

Last week while is was raining nonstop here in Seattle, we escaped to beautiful Santa Cruz, California and Santa Cruz mountains. It was so beautiful down here I wanted to rub it in on Facebook, but then dropped my phone and broke it into 10,000 pieces. That will teach me. Anyway here's a few highlights [...]

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Sundance Natural Foods!

As a small business owner we dream of seeing our products on the shelves of our favorite markets. I just pinched myself. Today we have realized that dream! We are delighted to announce a partnership with Sundance Natural Foods located in Eugene, Oregon. Sundance has been open for 45 years. Their mission statement reads "Individuals [...]

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