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4 Herbs for Anxiety and Stress

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I have been growing these herbs for abut 12 years now, and I have gotten to know the herbs as plants in their habitat. Most of the ones I will mention are also pretty easy to grow (at least in Seattle). Here are 4 herbs to start with. 

Motherwort grew so well this year from seeds I harvested myself and is in the Holy Mama formula. It is for the super overwhelming sense that can come over you when you really are just working too hard. It has helped ease my anxiety often. I really don't drink it straight as a tea as much, probably because it is bitter; but I do like it in the formula, because I can put 1 dropper in my water bottle in the morning and sip it all day long. I can bring it with me when I am in a stressful situation, and take a few drops or a dropper and it will start to turn it around.  

Oats- tastes great, totally chills you out! Not only is it great for the nervous system, while at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering I heard that 1 oz of oat straw tea has 400mg of calcium, and is heeling and moistening to the nerve system. Wow! It kind of makes sense as a sleep aid. In Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth by Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner, She says it is high in protein and even has b vitamins. Milky Oats tops are often used to treat all kinds of nerve related symptoms like, exhaustion and addiction to heavy drugs like morphine and cocaine as well as alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. Basically for burnout. 

Oats Poltice:You can use organic rolled oats topically, as a bath for itchy skin. Soak a clean sock or reusable tea bag in warm water or in the bathtub. Place the bag directly on a rash or rub over your whole body, squeezing out all the saponins (natural soaps).

Wood Betony was once considered a cure all in the old herbals like Maude Grieves Modern Herbal. It is especially good for the solar plexus, and for painful digestive issues. It grows very well here, and is so beautiful. The flowers pop up from the base and resemble lavender from afar, but they are a little more pinkish than pure purple. I remember one Summer day after taking a break I saw a flying bug with huge red eyed  that was totally hanging out on the Betony.  After awhile of checking it out, I totally saw it move it's eyes back and forth as if to say "are you going to work or just sit here and watch me all day?" I seriously laughed out loud! 

Scullcap is another nervine that I have just recently become aware of in the past few years, and I finally started growing it from my own collected seed last year. 

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