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The Hops loves the Sun and Rain!

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Hops and Valerian growing together.

The Hops are starting to sprout again, and I found a tiny but vigorous Valerian plant on the hill next to it. Two great relaxing herbs!

This is our HOPS CIRCLE! We hope to make a beer flavored tincture! Our Oats and Clover are coming in just fine! The clover helps bring nitrogen into the ground from the air, they are helped by small mushrooms. The Mycelium help transfer rocks and minerals into nutrients for the plants (and later, for us) in exchange for living on the roots of the clover plants. So Cool! #Reciprocity! (Check out the book Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets, or his TED Talk) 

Happy Spring Stinging Nettles Harvest!

I can’t believe the NETTLES are already up! We have been clearing pathways and mending fences this week and we came across these forces of nature bursting from the soil! They are coming up right along with Cleavers, another great tonic herb that is commonly found in gardens. Look how vibrant they are…I love to [...]

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Book Recommendation

Hey folks, I ran into this book the other day. It's one of the early Northwest books on Ethnobotany. (1945) There's some very interesting information here. Worth a look! Happy Tuesday to you...

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Herbs We Grow

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I thought it would be fun to share the list of herbs that we grow on Sister Sage Herbs Farm. Truthfully, I think that many of these herbs/plants grow many places here in the Pacific Northwest. All you have to do is go outside and have a look [...]

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Give To Your Favorite Charity

Hi Folks,Thanks for checking back with us, supporting us during this crazy holiday time. We are so grateful to have amazing customers and friends just like you. Today we are encouraging you to give to your favorite charity. I am going to keep it local this year. So, we all must do what we can. [...]

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Today only 20% Off Storewide!

               Use coupon code: SISTER20Today only, get 20% off your entire order when you use the coupon SISTER20 at checkout! If you have been receiving all of our newsletters, thanks so much. I hope they were not too much of a bother, Moving forward, we are working really hard [...]

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Top 4 Products for $50!

Here for the first time we are offering our top four best selling products! Dream On 1oz, Holy Mama 1oz, Weekend Warrior 2oz and Busted Knuckle 2oz Balm. Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. Come visit us at Pike Place Market or Fremont Sunday Market today. Hope to see you! Cheers, Marc & [...]

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Big Zen Box!

Today for the first time we are offering: The Big Zen Box! Four 4oz tinctures for only $150. That's a $40 savings and you get free shipping! Hope to see you at Pike Place Market or U-District Farmers Market today. Wishing you all a great weekend!  Big Zen Box 

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Happy Friday!

Today we are offering a crazy deal. Eight balms for $100! Here's a great chance to buy gifts for your whole family or office. And-you can tell everyone that you support local farms, small businesses, and farmer Jayne! Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend!Marc Fendel Sister Sage Herbs                [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Folks, we want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for supporting our family farm and small business. Hope to see you at Pike Place Market this weekend! Cheers, owner Jayne Simmons and Marc Fendel

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