Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Veggies & Snow in West Seattle

This is where our Hops lives. 
The snow was so beautiful last week in my garden in West Seattle. The hoop house blew down in the last wind storm, and if hadn't done it then, it would have last night! This bed was our chicken coop area in 2008 and 2009, then we grew tomatoes in 2010, and broccoli last year. Now we have greens and the hops vine. I think we will grow a clover cover crop and then turn it under and plant potatoes this year. I got used to going through the gate for the chickens, it seemed like the natural way to go, then I found the bricks and made the kind of keyhole garden that you can see, now I don't see the need for the extra post.  I would like to build it up a little higher so I don't have to bend down so far. My hops are in the bed, so I am not sure how long until they take over the whole place anyway.

Leeks were transplanted in September after the Tilth Harvest Fair
In the spring and fall I grow peas up the fence. This is a hard place to get water to in my garden, but I finally put in the automatic on a timer watering system last year so it will be set up in zones that can be turned on or by passed.  I am also building up another bed between this one and my strawberry patch this year,  I already have my leaves saved up, soon I am going to cover the area with bike boxes and put the leaves on top of that, then put a tarp over that for a few months. Hopefully I can just turn the soil under when it warms up and add compost to the top and plant right into it.  We will probably find dandelions and buttercup galore. No doubt it would be easier with chickens. I am really tempted to ask a neighbor if we can borrow a few of their chickens for the week....

Green Onion in Seattle Snow!

I am so excited to get rid of even more of the grass!  I will cover the rest of the area with more boxes and add chips on that for a few seasons to smother it all out. I also have some low growing clover seeds that I could grow there after all the grass is gone. The clover will nourish the soil and as a tough ground cover that can handle wheel barrow trips, fairly heavy foot traffic, and loading firewood each year.

Ahhhh... the luxury of winter Gardening!


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