Friday, November 25, 2011

Gratitude to the Teachers

Today is thank a teacher day, and I want to thank my college professor John Rashford, for helping me see that there are many paths in life, and many ways to walk that path. He introduced me to anthropology and the concept of ethnobotony. Who would have known that years later I would still be cultivating  and researching herbs and food and how to use them for medicine? He has been teaching at The College of Charleston for about 30 years, and opening people's eyes to the differences and similarities among people that make us all special. Thank you so much for being you!
You can go to the storycorps website to record an interview with a teacher.

Looking back on this article about him in the school magazine, I realized was in one of his first classes, if not the very first one. I remember he came in with his guitar and sang a bit to us and told us stories about his travels in college. As we got to know him, we wanted to hear more. I  remember going to his open office hours, and finding about 6 other students from the class there about once or twice a week. Sometimes we all piled in there, and other times we had to go outside to accommodate everyone who wanted to talk to him. He always called us colleagues, and allowed us freedom to digest some of the radically different concepts we were hearing for the first time. I know that the personal exchange and his gentle demeanor and warm smile were a welcome change from the usual way my past teachers had responded to students.

I am thankful for my great friends and family for teaching me about love and compassion, and to the plants for being my teachers again this year.  Each year I learn more about growing medicinal plants and the importance of being resilient to change. I am thankful for my interns, my peers and other people who have helped me learn more about myself and my business as I  continue to develop a practice of gratitude and grace. I hope to continue learning laughing and loving everything I do at Sister Sage!

In this hurried season of gift giving and buying stuff, don't forget that human connectedness means so much more than a gift. Hugs and kisses are both free and welcome gifts in times of stress. Create and practice patience, love, compassion and honor for yourself and others daily.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference

I am sorry I am going to miss this one, I'm headed to Whidbey Island for my annual girls weekend.  If you are going to be in Spokane this weekend, you should stop by the Spokane Falls Community College campus and lear something about integrating your landscape to encourage conservation and efficiency of household systems while growing your own food$ Inland Northwest
If you do go, please let me know how it was and what you learned! Have a great weekend no matter what you end up doing.


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