Saturday, October 09, 2010

Burdock Harvest

I harvested Burdock from the farm recently, and have been processing it and storing it for later use. I dried a bunch of it and plan to make Infused Oil and Salve with the dried roots to treat Psoriasis and Eczema.
Fresh Burdock Root

The roots were not as hard as I thought to dig, and I am sure that they will come again since some of them snapped off. I left three more on the farm for us to harvest on root harvest day, October 17th and I will try to get some video of that dig to post.   I can see that they would have been better dug up after their first year since the first year roots are so plump, but I was able to cut them easily and they dried beautifully.
Dried Burdock Root

I had accidentally let them go to seed, so I harvested some of them in flower, and some more in seed. I tried to catch all the heads, but I know some birds were eating from them. They were living in the patch for the past two seasons.  I will thrash the seeds and use some for medicine and growing starts for next year, and if there is interest, I may package the seeds for sale. I still have a few more roots to make mushroom and leek stock with. I will store it in the freezer to make more nourishing winter soups.


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