Monday, October 06, 2008

Harvesting Time

I am spending the next few weeks processing the herbs I have been saving all Summer. Some of the herbs will be kept dry for teas and future tincture or oil making; some have already been tinctured or infused in oil or vinegar and must be strained, bottled and labeled. This is always a rewarding time to reflect on the year and inventory the successes and contemplate the losses. I am interested to see how much came out of the fields this year. Even though the weather was strange and cold, some things did really well.

I started planting more rows of food this year at the farm, and some of my other gardener friends who have outgrown their own yards planted on my farm as well. I am excited to have the new energy there, and the great food picked and cooked right on the farm or only hours after! I helped some of my landscaping clients start growing their own food and herbs and helped start a community garden in my neighborhood this spring. All in all it has been quite an active and productive year.

The most exciting news for me this summer was the addition of the Tea Shack! I will use this 100 sq/ft space to dry herbs with a wood stove in the fall, and with passive solar heat in the summer. It is great to have a space to duck out of the weather, and to stash my clothes and pack in when I ride my bike or the bus to the farm. I hope to have an outdoor kitchen set up for washing the herb roots like echinacea and marshmallow and edible greens like sorrel, beets, and lettuces.

I am working on a class schedule for the fall and winter, and I would like to focus on teaching people how to make gift packs for their friends and families. Look for some of those classes in December, and look for some flu prevention and nutritional herb classes as well.



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