Friday, February 01, 2008

Winter Planning & Dreaming

I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish this year, and I have been lucky enough to have a lot of guidance as I do that. I am one of 36 farmers who were awarded a place in the NABC class on Value Added Products. They have received a grant to give us professional services such as financial projecting to marketing and branding They are helping us to formulate and execute our business plans from "concept to shelf". The knowledge I have gained is invaluable, and I learn as much from talking to the other farmers as I do from the professional support team and guest speakers(everything from financial advisers and lawyers to food production facilities managers and chefs to nurserymen and agri-tourism entrepreneurial folks).

As I work on my business plan and budget, I am reminded of my interest in how I can do business while serving and connecting with the whole community. I want to continue to integrate food and herbs into the landscapes that I care for, and encourage and support others who have the same goals. I have just seen Anna Lappe' speak at Seattle Tilth's 30 Birthday party! She as awesome. I also heard her mom, Francis Moore Lappe' is coming here to help discuss Richard Conlin's proposal for a greener city. I recently read their book Hope's Edge, and I really enjoyed that they spent time talking about how other people are figuring out how to deal with their individual circumstances. I am interested in creating a sustainable Seattle where schools, hospitals and other institutions (jails, city hall) would grow at least some of their own food, and contract within Seattle for most of the rest.

I also want to help people learn how beneficial it is to know the natural world around you. Some of the most common plants make healing and nourishing herbal remedies using simple methods and kitchen utensils.

I was first drawn to Ethnobotany in college - learning how peoples of all cultures have found the nutrition and healing powers of the plants nearby has just fascinated me, fueling the understanding that we are as alike as we are different fro each other all over the globe. I hope to be of assistance this season to anyone wanting to incorporate healing plants into their life.


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