Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall Cold Season Remedies

The cold and flu season has begun!
Make sure you get your remedies before you or your family get sick.
I have a couple of formulas to use when colds or flu get you down. I have the Fever Breaker tea and Fever Breaker Tincture formulas, as well as the Cough It Up! formula for getting rid of phlegm, and a Throat Tea and Throat Spray. I also have Echinacea Tea, Echinacea Tincture, and Echinacea Honey to help boost your immunity when household members or coworkers get sick. Also, try Echinacea Calendula Tincture for an extra boost when you first get sick. (I am convinced that Calendula is the wonder herb since it is useful in so many ways and forms.) Yarrow Chamomile Honey will help with fevers and sleep during the illness.

Please join me at the West Seattle Farmer's Market every Sunday until Dec 17th! (except Nov 12th - I will be attending the Tilth Producer's Conference)


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