Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Autumn Equinox

Please join me for the Cascade Harvest Celebration on Saturday Oct 7th from 10:00-4:30 Herbalist and Author Kathy Abaskal will be there to answer questions about medicinal herbs, and to sell and sign her book Herbs and Influenza. Live Music from Marc Fendel and Lamar Lofton, a chef's cooking demo, and a salve making demo will be happening as well.

Directions to the farm: There is no physical address
From the North (Seattle) go into the town of Vashon, past the stop sign, and turn right at SW 178th (the Vashon Movie theater). Go past the post office to the end of the road and follow the signs to the farm.
From the South (Tacoma)go almost to town and turn left at SW 178th (the Vashon movie theater) and go past the post office to the end and follow the signs.

The Autumn Equinox is a time of balance as we move from summer into fall, and the days and nights are equal in length. Some of the issues that come up in the fall are with liver, and gallbladder. Some Herbs and foods that support the Liver are: Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Oregon Grape, Agrimony, Yellow Dock, Milk Thistle, Tumeric, Shitaki Mushrooms, & Lion's Mane Mushrooms. For the Gallbladder you can eat Artichoke leaves (skip the rich sauce). Listen to Karyn Sanders talk about these herbs and much more, go to my new favorite radio program, Herbal Highway.

I have just been going throught the inventory for this season and getting things ready to be processed to the final stages. I am excited for the harvest Celebration, and for the harvest in general. I have been dehydrating tomatoes, Apples, Pears, Plums, & just about everything else I can get my hands on. I am trying to create the perfect camping food mix to take on the trail. I want ease and taste, but need to be filled up with enough to be satisfied at the end of the day. I am making Cough Drop candy from Horehound, Hyssop, and Thyme. I am still adjusting the formula, and hope to be dome by the fall cold season. I also will have a honey tincture of echinacea and Calendula for the onset of a cold. Just add a few drops to your water and sip all day, or add to hot teas.

My sister, Terry and my dad, Vance were just in town for a week. They helped Marc and me put up our fence at the house, dad fixed the door, and Terry helped me figure out what will be included in the new mom package:

Hip opening Salve - with Bergamot Oil to help open the body & spirit to the new person about to arrive.
Soothing vaginal poultices with Comferey, Marshmallow, Rosemary, Calendula, and Yarrow.
Sitz bath herbs with the same herbs as above, with mineral salts.
T & A Salve for sore muscles, Breasts & Diaper rash preventative.
Nursing Tea with Fennel, Chamomile, & Goat's rue.

My Sister, Terry Simmons is a Midwife in New Mexico, and is the co founder of Luna Y Sol Midwifery in Albuqueque, NM. Luna Y Sol serves low income and undocumented hispanic women in the Alb. area with natural childbirth. She has practiced herbalism and flower essence therapy for over 10 years.

Next weekend I am going camping and wildcrafting for orgegon Grape and Chanterelles. I am excited, because my supply of dried chanterelles are just getting used up now. I am digging up my own Oregon Grape this weekend to make sure I know how to harvest ethically.


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